Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Where do I begin?

I've done this before, this blogging thing, and I always feel cheesy about it. I have a somewhat abandoned family blog and years ago I had a blog of randomness, true randomness. So embarrassing.

Why start another? 

I have ideas, and inspiration, and I want to share it. Also, I want to document it for my own personal records. My variations on diy products, sewing projects and various recipes I've come along. Much trial and error requires a need for getting down what worked.

I'm also on a quest to live a healthier life, so I'm exploring ways to convert our home to a more natural state. We'll see how it goes...

So, Practically Made. The other titles I tried for were taken, but I wanted it to reflect two things - keeping things practical and always homemade.

Let the journey begin!

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