Tuesday, June 9, 2015

DIY Cooling Sunburn Relief Essential Oil Spray

Last weekend my husband and I embarked on a fundraiser mountain bike ride, "Gears for Beers". The concept was a poker run style event, but our cards were about as random as they come. It was 17 miles total, the first 6 up to the top of a mountain and the rest mostly downhill.

Since we started at 9 am I didn't think to put on sunscreen. It's Montana, not that hot, and far too early in the day to catch a burn.

I burn easily.

Needless to say, my arms were toast by the time we finished. Note for next time...

In the meantime, I wanted something more than the standard aloe for my poor skin. After perusing the internet a bit, I came up with my own version of a cooling sunburn relief spray.

I'm in love!

My skin doesn't hurt, it's not dry and flaky, and the redness calmed within a day. I might even go as far as to say it looks more tan, which is a feat for me!

Summer is in full swing, so you'll probably want to mix up your own batch. It's safe for kids, too! The recipe is for 2 oz, which will go a surprisingly long way. Naturally, adjust as you need to.

So, gather up your ingredients:

- 2 oz glass spray bottle
- Distilled Water (regular would work fine, as well)
- Aloe Vera Gel
- Lavender Essential Oil (what I use)
   (all around oil reported to be calming, soothing for skin and anti-bacterial)
- Peppermint Essential Oil (what I use)
   (Creates a natural cooling sensation and has reported antiseptic and antimicrobial properties)
The process is super simple!

Fill bottle halfway with the aloe vera gel. Add 6 drops each of the essentials oils. Fill bottle to the top with the water.

When you're ready to use it, start by giving the bottle a quick shake. Spray wherever your skin needs some love and rub it in gently.

Feel the relief.

Bonus! You can download the free printable labels I created. They are a simple design and come in 2 in (fit 2 oz bottles), 3 in and 4 in size. Print on sticker paper, or use packing tape to adhere.

Click here to download
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Note: You'll notice I use Young Living Essential Oils. I love them, I really do. A later post will give a few more details about how I chose them. If you are interested, you can order them here. You can also use the contact me box below to learn about how to purchase them at a discount (without "signing up").

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